(Practice) Safe Sun | Noto

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Practice safe sun everyday with our *new* SPF 30 invisible serum sunscreen. Designed to be a daily skincare essential, it’s a broad spectrum sunscreen made with vegan ingredients. It applies smooth and invisible, acting as a primer for your skin and goes great on top of your skincare. The natural scent promotes a relaxing and joyful mood with an addition of Cedarwood and May Chang oil giving notes of citrus, wood, and lemongrass. Made with active skincare ingredients including Vitamin C, Niacinamides and Ceramides to help moisturize, heal, and protect the skin and can soften fine lines, improve skin tone and help minimize pores.

Vitamin C: Protects collagen + increases production, evens skin tone, aids healing and brightens complexion

Niacinamides: Essential for healthy skin by hydrating, minimizing pores, regulating oil production and diminishing fine lines.

Ceramides: Fatty acids that help to lock moisture into your skin, and prevent dryness + irritation.

Octocrylene: an organic compound that absorbs UVB radiation to protect against sunburn

Avobenzone: An organic molecule and an oil-soluble ingredient used in suncreen products to absorb the full spectrum of UVA rays.

(Free of Oxybenzone and Octinoxate)