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The Taro hair stick echos the form of traditional hairpins in its design. It combines dark, reddish rosewood with golden tamarind, and is large enough to hold and support thick, thick heavy hair. It’s a classic, stylish hair stick and a popular favorite.

The Taro Hair Stick | The Taro combines a dark, reddish rosewood with a golden Tamarind inlay down the middle. No piece is ever the same, they are unique each time from their shape to the grains in the wood. All of our hair sticks are hand carved from sustainably sourced root wood left over from plantations in Indonesia. Your Taro hair stick will arrive in recycled packaging with a protective fabric sleeve to keep it safe whilst traveling.

Dimensions | Length x 17cm | Width x 4cm | Depth x 2cm

Suited For Your Hair Type? | The Taro is a classic style and a popular favorite. Its able to hold up thick, heavy and long hair as well as being able to support thinner hair types in a stylish updo. These hair sticks are incredibly easy to use, and they help to reduce breakage and damage to hair, as well as holding in your hairs natural oils. Visit our shop to see our whole collection as we have something to suit every style.

Inspired By Nature | The Taro design is drawn directly from the organic shape of the giant taro leaves which are native to Southern India and South East Asia. It is grown primarily for its root vegetable, and edible leaves. It is believed to be on of the earliest cultivated plants.

Vendor: SAYA

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