Made for early morning walks on the beach and curling up on the sofa, the Organic Cotton Surf Hoodie is made out of the softest, breeziest cotton. Pair with the Organic Cotton Surf Joggers for maximal comfort and under the Organic Cotton Puffer Jacket for those extra nippy nights.

The Après Surf collection is born out of the feeling of after surf contentment, wanting your noodle arms and tired body to be enveloped in something warm and cozy, kind of like a hug.

We picked colors of the sunset, the ocean, and the palm trees on the horizon, these fun basics are here to be on heavy closet rotation.

Fit: Sizing is loose, XS/S fits XS-M, and M/L fits L/XL
Material: 13 oz 100% Organic Cotton Fleece
Care Instructions: Machine wash inside out in delicate settings and lay flat to dry -OR- Hand wash gently in cold and lay flat to dry. Do not bleach.
Made In An Ethical Factory in Suzhou, China. Read about our factory here.