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About the Banana Leaf

The Banana Leaf Hairstick | Available in three wood types, Teak, Rosewood & Tamarind. No piece is ever the same, they are unique each time from their shape to the grains in the wood. All of our hair sticks are hand carved from sustainably sourced root wood left over from plantations in Indonesia. Your Banana Leaf will arrive in recycled packaging with a protective fabric sleeve to keep it safe whilst traveling.

Dimensions | Length x 17cm | Width x 2cm | Depth x 1cm

Suited For Your Hair Type? | Due to its slender shape, the Banana Leaf suits thinner and medium to short hair types. Its curved twist allows it to wrap around your hair, and the hooked point at the top holds your hair securely in place. Our wooden hair sticks are incredibly easy to use and, unlike plastic and elastic alternatives, help to reduce breakage and damage to healthy hair. The wood holds the natural oils in your hair making it a much healthier alternative. Visit our shop to see our whole collection as we have something to suit every style.

Inspired by Nature | The Banana Leaf’s long, curved shape is inspired by the banana leaf plants that are seen all over South East Asia. The leaves are used in many Balinese Hindu ceremonies, both symbolically, and functionally as they are woven into baskets to hold offerings to the gods.

Banana Leaf Do's and Dont's

  • Keep out of water (and avoid using in wet hair).
  • Keep safe in the fabric wallet when on the move.
  • Avoid heavy sideways pressure as much as possible.
  • Try not to drop on hard surfaces, they are handmade and desire loving care!
  • Enjoy them!

Vendor: SAYA

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