MARNĒ | Votch



I'm never going to be the kind of gal that wears technology on my wrist... introducing Votch. I stumbled upon this brand online and after giving it a solid test drive myself, I knew it was a go for Marnē. Much like me, Laura found that animals were suffering for fashions that we loved and she aimed to do something about it. 

A word from Votch - 

We’re Votch, a cruelty-free watch company that launched in London last year. Votch was founded by me, Laura, and I run the company with Rolo, my rehomed (smaller than most rabbits) pooch. Votch began when a few years back I was struck down with a condition called Topical Steroid Withdrawal, a condition that saw all my skin fall off (we’ll spare you from the pictures!). During the year that it took me to recover, I turned to documentaries and educated myself on various subjects regarding animal welfare, including facts about the leather industry that truly shocked me. Seeing the suffering that animals endured simply for fashion, and having felt the pain of losing my own skin, I vowed never to wear the skin of another being again.