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Untamed Supply candles and incense sold at marne des moines

Untamed Supply

Several years ago, I purchased a candle from Untamed Supply at a Vintage Made Fair in Des Moines, IA. Fraser Fur was the scent and I was hooked. After recycling the candle, I forgot to note the name for future reference. After one too many rabbit hole searches via Google, I found Untamed once more. Each scent just as magical as I remembered. Did I mention that 3% of their sales go to National Parks? Yeah. They're pretty cool. 

A word from Untamed Supply

When this adventure began in 2015 the intention of Untamed Supply was to bring the essence of nature indoors, with the hopes of inspiring people to live an unbridled and untamed life. Since then many outdoor endeavors have occurred while we seek out new inspiration which fuels the spirit and soul of Untamed Supply. As we say “we have a knack for capturing nature’s pheromones”.

Mother Nature is our church and we believe that we have a duty to honor and preserve our environment. These values are why we source a renewable soy wax, fine fragrance oils, and lead-free cotton wicks. We didn’t just stop at making an eco-friendly product but we also donate 3% of our profits to The National Parks.