iPhone Sleeve with Card Slot in Grasshopper | HOZEN

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Are you the ultimate minimalist? The type to keep your cards in your phone case in lue of a bag? Then our ultra-sleek vegan leather iPhone Sleeve is all you need. Includes a loop attachment to pair with our Belt and a rope tie that you can sling however you please.

Wear your values, with us. HOZEN (Japanese for conservation) is luxury rooted in sustainability. All our small-batch, vegan leather products are made from upcycled, recycled, and biodegradable materials that are ethically crafted at a fair-wage factory in Los Angeles.

• Desserto biodegradable cactus 'leather'
• Recycled plastic thread
• Low lead brass hardware
• Recycled hemp label
• Vegan adhesive

Size and Features:
*Fits both standard and max sizes
• 4.5" width
• 7" height
• 44" optional rope with metal cord ends (necklace length)
• 1" loop for Belt carabiner attachment
• Card pocket on back side
• Zig-zag detail at opening