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About the Mini Palms

The Mini Palm Hairsticks | The Mini Palm are a set of hair sticks and come in a combination of Rosewood & Tamarind. No piece is ever the same, they are unique each time from their shape to the grains in the wood. All of our hair sticks are hand carved from sustainably sourced root wood left over from plantations in Indonesia. Your Mini Palm hair sticks will arrive in recycled packaging with a protective fabric sleeve to keep it safe whilst traveling.

Dimensions | Length x 12cm | Width x 3cm | Depth x 1cm

Suited For Your Hair Type? | The Mini Palms have been created especially for short to medium hair types. Whether worn loosely or in a firm bun, the Mini Palms make a real statement. These hair pins are incredibly easy to use, and they help to reduce breakage and damage to hair, as well as holding in your hairs natural oils. Visit our shop to see our whole collection as we have something to suit every style.

Inspired By Nature | They are inspired by the iconic thin twists of palm leaves, seen all over South East Asia. Historically palm leaves have been symbolic of a wide range of concepts, from victory to peace and fertility.

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